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Sermon: Deuteronomy 22:1-12


Laws about neighbor care

  1. “If you see, you shall not ignore”

    1. You should be looking observing the things around you

    2. When you observe something is wrong, you should act

    3. We should be willing to absorb the expense incurred from caring for our neighbors

Laws about gender

  1. God is the one who created gender and he created two

  2. God wants those two genders to be preserved and distinguished

  3. This happens first through distinct clothing 


Laws about wildlife care and sustainability

  1. Christians should be leaders in preservation and conservation 

    1. You love your neighbor by ensuring that there is food or resources later

Building codes

  1. Put a railing around your roof. 

Law to teach us Holiness

  1. Keep things separate just as God is keeping you seperate

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