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India Mission Field

On Pastor Scott’s first visit to India in 2011 with Marty Hooper , there was a plead from a local Pastor for evangelism support to encourage new Pastors. After that, a need was presented for clean water with applications for certain villages. A member of Sierra First Baptist Church, John Farewell, had a vision for water back in 2008 when the Lord told him in a dream that he was to drill water wells. At the time he though this would be in Africa. With the support of the whole congregation of SFBC a group of 10 SFBC members journeyed to Visakhapatnam in December of 2013. That trip was to dedicate the first 6 wells funded and to minister to the people of India. Falling in love with the India people and our hosts Pastor Ravi and Surehka Kumar, we were encouraged to return by the Lord.


    Since 2012 we have gone once a year in teams of different sizes. During this time the ordinator of over 200 pastors has provided funds for more wells and outreach there. Every year the funding for more wells or spring wells, Pastor Conferences, Children’s programs, and Widow outreach have been provided. This last year we were excited to bring the “Jesus Film” to those in India speaking the Telugu language, as well as in the remote Araku jungles, in the Kuvi language. As of 2017, 14 water wells and 3 spring projects have been funded in the Araku villages of Bundalha, Piripodhoru. There has also been one government project remodel. Please pray for those in spiritual bondage in India. 


    The need is great for the soft ground in India, for the gospel and for clean water. A bore well can be accomplished for $1500 USD which includes a hand pump and electric pump. These wells can provide water for up to 1500 people a day. Out in the jungle, with springs nearby a village, a spring well can be developed for about $7,500.00 USD.


  We have a need for resources to continue to work in India. Ministering to tribal pastors and providing clean water.

2019 Trip Updates

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