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UPDATE: Hal And Mickey Are home 


Hal and Mickey Hamby have been committed, loving foster parents for many years, starting in 1974. Their home generally included 6 children at a time with their last child moving out in 2016. They found great fulfillment in answering the call on their lives and giving of themselves to those that needed the constant loving care of parental figures. Hal is also a veteran who has served our country during the Vietnam war. 

Our opportunity to serve 

Hal had stroke Nov. 7, he will be released from the VA hospital at the end of the January.

His house needs to be made suitable for his new disability. We have the opportunity to do good to someone in the household of faith. Hal and his family have asked Eric Harmon to take on this project and Eric has agreed to do so with the understanding that the church body would join in the effort.


So I would like to invite you to do so. Ask the Lord how you might bless Hal and Mickey. Perhaps your an artist and you might create a piece of art that would remind them of the love of Christ and the love of the body. Perhaps you knit or crochet and you would like to make a throw for the end of the bed or covers for some throw pillows. Maybe you can hang sheet rock or cook meals while others paint. Perhaps you could donate towards a light fixture or can lay tile. Could it be that your opportunity for good is praying for the workers and the man leading this ministry. Could it be that your role is to visit Hal and Mickey when they come home or in the remaining weeks of his stay in the VA. The opportunities to serve are as vast as the Body of Christ is diverse. Give yourself to service and see if it does not produce life in you now and for eternity.

People in India Praying for Hal's healing
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They are welcoming visitors and are happy to be home. 

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A big Thank You to Hills Flat Lumber Co in Colfax, CA and Floor & Decor in Rocklin, CA for your very generous donations on this project. 

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