Passing out beanie babies at Sunday school. Also a couple pictures from Araku valley. John is enjoying a joint at the restaurant. Joint means chicken leg. Ha ha ha

Lunch in a tribal village after pastors conference. A couple Christian believers headed to town who asked for prayer.

Sunday worship service at Holy Faith church.

Yesterday we drove two and a half hours to the town of Nathavaram. There is a very faithful pastor and his wife we met last year there. Wonderful believers

This is the orphanage we visited that the pastor Sundarao and his wife run in Nathavaram. We appreciated the hospitality and feast they laid before us. Please pray for this orphanage. The little boy is his grandson Isaac Samuel, he is loves to engage people..

Later yesterday evening we drove into downtown. John got some linen fabric for a couple shirts to be made and Uday picked out fabric for a blazer to be made for his college graduation.
The store owner, who was talking to John, remembered them from two years ago and the story of the water well projects and asked about them. He was very excited to see them again.

Yesterday. Nora cooking with Prameleta. Scott and John studying.

Children's ministry last night. We gave out many prizes and candy. Nora and I gave our testimony and Pastor Scott gave a short message using our blow up globe. In a 20 × 20 room there was about 120 children!!!!!

Also a prayer meeting after Children's ministers back at Holy Faith church.

Today we traveled 3 hours south to Pitapuram. Nora and I gave greetings and John and Pastor Scott preached. Ravi Teja was the interpreter. The pastor there asked us to pray for 50 of his rural pastors to be able to have bicycles for ministry.

John and I brought the message at Pastor Raju Shanmukha church yesterday morning and this was going on in the street.

When John and I returned to Holy Faith church they were just ending the service. We got to pray with many in the congregation.

Last night we went to a children's celebration on a rooftop. We passed out bibles, prizes and crackers.

Pastors Conference. More pastors showed up then expected. Over flow seating outside. Several pastors from the state of Orissa, so we had two interpreters.

Today was filled with great singing and preaching. A little girl asked Nora to pray for her and after Nora asked the little girl to pray for her.

Laying our crowns at Jesus throne was very emotional today.


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